Gold Spray Paint For Jewelry

Aug 11

gold spray paint for jewelry
Can spray paint antique jewelry?

I have a lot of jewelry from Forever 21 and Charlotte Russe, which are of course the gold jewelry colored.Of is false, and now the rust or turn copper. Is it acceptable to use spray paint in a color of gold jewelry? No jewelry artisans use this technique to save money on jewelry? I love the bracelets and necklaces that are longer and gold again I would use. Please someone help me because I was searching the web for advice but found none. Is it safe for my skin to make contact with painted jewels?

I'm sure you can try spray paint ….. because you can spray paint if you want a moose but is not designed for use on the skin after it was spray painted. Once spray-painted and has dried ….. seal with clear nail polish so that spray paint is not in your skin or seep through the skin …. and make you sick. Good luck.

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