Fish Goldeye

Jul 20

fish goldeye

Lac du Bonnet, Manitoba is located kilometers, almost one hundred and eleven, which is about 70 miles northeast of the capital city of Winnipeg. Lac du Bonnet is known because to form the hood of the huge lake that is home to the two fishing tournaments in the winter and summer. Ice fishing in Lac du Bonnet is a tradition in Canada and enthusiasts U.S. Ice fishing and international fishing. Lac du Bonnet can offer different types of accommodation and winter fishing lodges, hotels, motels and bed and breakfast even smaller. Since fishing is a way of life in this small community fishermen feel at home in the friendly community.

Ice fishing in Lac du Bonnet and waterways surrounding normally begins in November, when ice on the lake is at least four inches thick. There are over sixty-five miles inland waterways to fish, so to find this perfect place is not difficult. The species most commonly caught in the seasonal ice fishing in Lac du Bonnet, including pike, walleye, goldeye and Sager. The cold water temperatures keep the fish meat is very firm, without swamp or taste disorder, which in these species in waters warm and deep in other parts of the province.

Tournament ice fishing in Lac du Bonnet,

In the spring, usually mid-March, host of local companies derby ice fishing in Lac du Bonnet. This one-day tournament with different categories and awards, including a mystery award long and the mystery If time and up to fifty different price that makes it perfect for a fishing tournament in the family.

The tournament is strictly a catch tournament and release, with specific instructions on how to handle fish to minimize the trauma and damage. Fishermen are required to remain in specific areas the lake, and only one tournament to judge when you have a fish. The judge will then reach the hole, remove the fish from the water, measure, record and release the fish in the lake. All records of judges then went into the mystery at the moment and the design and length as the biggest fish and other prizes. The tournament, considered environmental friendly environment is one of the most popular ice fishing in Lac du Bonnet, involving thousands of visitors to the region each year.

Standard ice fishing Lac du Bonnet is popular throughout the winter season and the lake is dotted with shelters and ice fishing houses. To make sure you can find accommodation booked in advance one of the hotels or hostels.

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